Beer Me: Troeg’s Troegenator Doublebock


Doublebock beer, also called doppelbock beer, is a German brew that is hearty, malty and rich. Originally a literal meal-replacement for monks during fasting periods, it packs a lot of flavor in a bottle.  If you are interested, or already a fan, I’ve got a recommendation in this style for you: Troeg’s Troegenator Doublebock.

Troeg’s proudly touts itself as an independent brewing company, based in Pennsylvania. This doublebock is among their most popular offerings, to the extent that they brew this hearty beer year-round, though the style is both an acquired taste and quite seasonal. My eye was drawn to a six-pack of Troegenator due to the delightful/frightening image of a Krampus– style demon on the label.

When poured, the Troegenator has a dark amber color, though it’s not the slightest bit cloudy. In my sampling, there was very little head when poured, and what was there dissipated rapidly.

The Troegenator has a unique flavor profile, even for a doublebock. It’s sweet, which is unusual in itself. It’s sweet in an old-fashioned grand-dad way; toffee and molasses are the primary smells and tastes. Chocolate is also present– a subtle, dark chocolate flavor. The bottle mentions notes of stone fruit, and I got a hint of cherry, but as a primary flavor that one was lost on me.

At a whopping 8.2% ABV, these beers are for slow sipping. A six pack should certainly be on your grocery list this weekend as you hunker down to stay out of the cold. It could even be the ONLY thing on your grocery list, realistically. You can say you’re playing Monk.

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  1. Great write-up! I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a bottle of this and now cannot wait. Cheers.

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