What’s in Season: December Edition

celery root soup
Whew, 2017 just flew by, didn’t it? December is already here. Amidst end-of-the-year holiday parties, gift shopping, and travel arrangements, the least we can do is nourish ourselves with good food. With that in mind, what’s in season!? What’s local?! What in the world does one do with a turnip? All of your burning questions, answered:
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Welcome to June

seasonal produce from June
June is most definitely the best month of the year. Seasonal produce abounds in the northern hemisphere, including fresh fruit, which has such a short window of availability in my neck of the woods. Even better, the shift from spring to summer highlights the best of both seasons: some warmth breaks through the crisp mornings and evenings; trees and foliage have turned a deep shade of green while gardens are bursting with color. We’re halfway through 2017, so why not celebrate with a delicious meal from recipes below?

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Hey, Guess What? It’s November.

chicken pot pie

Certain foods and dishes are commonly associated with November, due to that little holiday called Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, pie… but there are plenty of delicious vegetables too! Whether you’re practicing a side-dish for Turkey Day or preparing dinner as usual, incorporate some of this seasonal produce and celebrate the bounty of November.

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Hey, Guess What? It’s [Almost] October


Tomorrow marks the end of yet another month. Geez, 2016, slow down a little. Don’t get me wrong, I am ELATED that it’s pumpkin and apple season, and won’t be sad to see the last of this year’s zucchini cleared out of my produce bins. But… is Halloween really just around the corner?! Here is what’s in season in my neck of the woods:

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