The Best Potato Salad for a Memorial Day Picnic

A delicious twist on potato salad for your Memorial Day potluck
Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer: grill-outs, picnics, and poolside lounging are all in order. Hopefully, there will be good enough weather to adequately celebrate! If you’re hosting or attending a potluck-style event for Memorial Day, I’ve got a recipe recommendation that is sure to please a crowd: Roasted Fingerling Potato Salad.

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The Excellent Marketing of Aslin Beer Co.’s Master of Karate

aslin beer
The quickest way to inspire a cult following for your beer is to name it in reference to a pop culture benchmark, ideally with a cult following itself. Aslin Beer Co. of Herndon, Virginia recently released a pair of beers marketed in this way, and what’s even better is that the beer is phenomenal.

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Beer Me: Troeg’s Troegenator Doublebock


Doublebock beer, also called doppelbock beer, is a German brew that is hearty, malty and rich. Originally a literal meal-replacement for monks during fasting periods, it packs a lot of flavor in a bottle.  If you are interested, or already a fan, I’ve got a recommendation in this style for you: Troeg’s Troegenator Doublebock.

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The Best Small Appliances

small appliances

What is the one kitchen appliance that you can’t live without? Not the big ones, like refrigerators or dishwashers, nor stoves or common items like microwaves. What about the smaller things that *ahem* would be nice little gifts for the holidays? Today we’ll talk about a few indispensable appliances that live in my kitchen, and I will have some brand recommendations if you’re looking to stock yours. The best part is that each of these kitchen appliances cost under $100.

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Dogfish Head’s Bier de Provance

bier de provance

The summer solstice has come and gone, but I know you’re still looking for a way to retain a sense of this sweet season’s bounty, Lillith. May I recommend Dogfish Head’s Limited Release Bière de Provence? While it’s flavor profile may seem complex, riddled with too many summer herbs and floral notes, the results are undeniably refreshing. Continue reading “Dogfish Head’s Bier de Provance”