A New Spin on Deviled Eggs

tuna confit deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are a popular dish to serve around Easter festivities. Anyone can tweak the classic mayonnaise-based recipe to spice it up a little. But if you’re looking for a whole new flavor, I’ve got just the recipe for you. With tuna, olives, tomato, and mustard mixed with the hard boiled yolks, not only will the taste of these “Confit Tuna and Olive Deviled Eggs” impress, but the colorful presentation will be a welcome sight this spring!

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Umami Sprinkles

umami sprinkles
Going vegan is difficult, especially if you’re a heavy meat or dairy consumer. But there is some fairly robust research indicating that a diet containing less animal product can be beneficial for our health and the environment. Instead of getting overly ambitious, going full-on vegan overnight, why not try incorporating some cheese, meat, and dairy alternatives into your everyday meals?

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Oatmeal That’s a Real Meal

savory oatmeal
It’s time to examine how you’re treating oatmeal. That’s right, this quick breakfast deserves a bit more of your attention. With a poached egg and a few choice condiments, that bland bowl will become a savory, gourmet, Instagram-worthy brunch or breakfast in seconds. Here are a few options on permanent rotation in my kitchen:

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Marinated & Steamed Chinese Eggplant

marinated eggplant
Eggplants are not quite in season (far from it, actually), but when a beautiful bunch of dark purple nightshades cropped up at the grocery store, I just couldn’t resist. These are Chinese eggplants, different from Italian eggplants in their long, thin appearance. The skin of Chinese eggplants is also thinner than the ones you’d normally find in the produce aisle.

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