Thanksgiving Side Recipes to Up Your Potluck Game


Thanksgiving is like the Holy Grail of holidays for an enthusiastic home cook. If you find yourself in the kitchen cooking for a large group, you may be facing a mixed bag of emotions: apprehension, excitement, inspiration, anxiety… and that’s just how you feel about the turkey. Even if you’re not catering a whole meal, you may be asked to bring a dish to dinner. This year, the Cursory Cook has got you covered with some suggested side dishes that are the perfect mix of traditional and unique. All of them take less than one hour to prepare, and are full of ingredients that should be easy to find last minute!

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Hey, Guess What? It’s November.

chicken pot pie

Certain foods and dishes are commonly associated with November, due to that little holiday called Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, pie… but there are plenty of delicious vegetables too! Whether you’re practicing a side-dish for Turkey Day or preparing dinner as usual, incorporate some of this seasonal produce and celebrate the bounty of November.

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An Autumn Feast

Autumn Feast

Leaves a-changing? Pumpkins a-glowing? A chill in the air? Check, check, check. Before our feasting tables are overtaken by Halloween candy and Thanksgiving trimmings, let’s celebrate this quiet mid-autumn period. Below you’ll find recipes for a hearty meal bursting with seasonal produce and fall-time flavors, a perfect for the menu this weekend…

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Hey, Guess What? It’s [Almost] October


Tomorrow marks the end of yet another month. Geez, 2016, slow down a little. Don’t get me wrong, I am ELATED that it’s pumpkin and apple season, and won’t be sad to see the last of this year’s zucchini cleared out of my produce bins. But… is Halloween really just around the corner?! Here is what’s in season in my neck of the woods:

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Search for the Great Pumpkin [Beer]: Part 2

pumpkin beer

Welcome to round two of the search for the best pumpkin beer! Last week I sampled some ales and decided that Dogfish Head’s 2016 Punkin Ale was the best of that batch. This week it’s time to test a few imperial pumpkin ales and a pumpkin IPA. So who’s the winner in this second sampling? That would be…

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Search for the Great Pumpkin [Beer]: Part 1

pumpkin beer

Pumpkin beer is a harbinger of the fall season, and with the micro- and nano-brewery boom in the last 5-10 years, there are a ton of different brands to choose from. I have been ambivalent about pumpkin beers in the past, my impressions ranging from “meh” to “ew this is disgusting”, but I knew there had to be at least one type out there that could be a trusty go-to during this season. As a public service, only out of my concern for your beer-drinking welfare, I sampled about ten different types and brands, and wrote about them so maybe you can find a great pumpkin beer to match your tastes, too. Continue reading “Search for the Great Pumpkin [Beer]: Part 1”