Treats For The Holidays Involving as Little Baking As Possible

christmas cookies

Homemade holiday treats sound like a great gift in theory. If you aren’t comfortable baking, however, you might find it intimidating to start during this time of year. Suffering from a mild form of hestiaphobia myself, I can sympathize, and that’s why I’m going to share some easy holiday treat recipes with you today. You’ll have overflowing cookie tins and lots of extras to sample yourself!

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Labor Day Feast: A Real One This Time

In case you weren’t aware, it is Labor Day weekend, prime time for cook-outs and celebrating the last days of summertime fun (sorry if that’s a depressing thought). For a lot of kids, this means heading back to school; for a lot of adults, this means it’s time for some pumpkin beer. If you’re hosting a huge gathering this weekend or just spending some time in the company of friends or family, I have some suggestions for your Labor Day Feast!

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