Port City Derecho Common

Port City Derecho Common

Who doesn’t love a good summer storm? We experience a lot of them during these months in D.C., but there is one that stands out in recent history. The windstorm that swept through the region in 2012 is notable not only because tens of thousands were left without power for days, but also because we got a great locally-brewed beer out of it: Port City’s Derecho Common. Continue reading “Port City Derecho Common”

Dogfish Head’s Bier de Provance

bier de provance

The summer solstice has come and gone, but I know you’re still looking for a way to retain a sense of this sweet season’s bounty, Lillith. May I recommend Dogfish Head’s Limited Release Bière de Provence? While it’s flavor profile may seem complex, riddled with too many summer herbs and floral notes, the results are undeniably refreshing. Continue reading “Dogfish Head’s Bier de Provance”

New Belgium Trippel Belgian-Style Ale

New Belgium Trippel

Are you a Belgian homeless man, seeking a fusion of your country’s classic trippel-style beer with malt liquor? Good news, Didier! You can find it right here in America, in Colorado to be precise. But I must forewarn you that this fusion, manifest in New Belgium’s Trippel Belgian Style Ale, is not what one would call “quaffable”. That’s not to say it’s not good, but I’d be impressed if you reached for a second bottle in one session. Continue reading “New Belgium Trippel Belgian-Style Ale”