How To Cook a Steak Without Fear!

Nothing (NOTHING) has been more intimidating in my culinary adventures than learning to cook a steak. I’m not even talking about grilling, or marinating, or doing some impressive open-fire paleo stuff in a cutthroat competition. I’m just talking about cooking a nice hunk of beef, for myself, in a kitchen, on the stove. Cooking steak while inexperienced (CSWI) is intimidating for two reasons:

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How To Make A Simple Burger

simple burger

Cooking for multiple people is always challenging, especially if some diners are picky eaters. But no matter who’s sitting at your table, I bet they can appreciate a good burger! Today we are going to look at the easiest way to make a burger that will satisfy picky and adventurous eaters alike, and we’ll also conduct an experiment on the best additives to ensure your burgers are juicy and flavorful.

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Pho; an exercise in


I am a relatively recent convert to the comfort food du jour, pho (pronounced fuh). Whether you’re hungover, ill with the flu, or just need a pick me-up, this Vietnamese beef stock and rice noodle soup is exactly what the doctor ordered. The perfect bowl of pho requires hours of simmering a stock with exotic spices and beef bones, as well as access to an array of imported condiments.  Continue reading “Pho; an exercise in”

Game of Thrones Feast

Game of Thrones Feast cheese

Game of Thrones (GoT) is a TV show you may have heard of. It’s got dragons, looks a little medieval, and is (loosely? Can I say that?) based on the fantastic A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. It airs in the springtime on HBO, featuring some great acting and fantastic effects. For the last six years, I have hosted or co-hosted a big, themed dinner for the season premier, replete with mulled wine and lots of red meat. The sixth season aired in late April, and I want to tell you about this great party you weren’t invited to. Continue reading “Game of Thrones Feast”