Wasabi Kale Salad

A spicy kale salad that makes a perfect summertime meal
Kale is so often mistreated. I don’t just mean verbally and culturally; it’s also mistreated in the kitchen. Have you ever tried to serve a kale salad and found the leaves too firm and bitter to stomach? Well, you’ve been missing an important step: marinating the kale. Check out the below recipe for Wasabi Kale Salad, and witness the method and benefits of this extra step firsthand!

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The Best Potato Salad for a Memorial Day Picnic

A delicious twist on potato salad for your Memorial Day potluck
Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer: grill-outs, picnics, and poolside lounging are all in order. Hopefully, there will be good enough weather to adequately celebrate! If you’re hosting or attending a potluck-style event for Memorial Day, I’ve got a recipe recommendation that is sure to please a crowd: Roasted Fingerling Potato Salad.

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Lemon-Herb Sardine Salad

Crunchy, savory, and bright lemon-herb sardine salad
Sometimes, a light dinner is in order. You need something crunchy, savory, but bright, that requires as little “cooking” as possible. This recipe for lemon-herb sardine salad fits the bill; an excellent combination of flavors, with capers, lemon zest, and dijon mustard gives this salad a very French flair.

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Roasted Fennel Over Couscous

fennel couscous
One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is “sad desk lunch”. This is a phenomenon in which you’re forced to rifle through the condiments drawer in the office kitchen for food or get a bag of potato chips for lunch the third day in a row. With a bit of planning, you can prepare this flavorful couscous and roasted fennel salad, and have impressive, commute-proof lunches at the ready.

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Game of Thrones Feast

Game of Thrones Feast cheese

Game of Thrones (GoT) is a TV show you may have heard of. It’s got dragons, looks a little medieval, and is (loosely? Can I say that?) based on the fantastic A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. It airs in the springtime on HBO, featuring some great acting and fantastic effects. For the last six years, I have hosted or co-hosted a big, themed dinner for the season premier, replete with mulled wine and lots of red meat. The sixth season aired in late April, and I want to tell you about this great party you weren’t invited to. Continue reading “Game of Thrones Feast”