How to Never Run Out of Vegetable Broth Again

Red onion cutting board

Vegetable broth is a workhorse in the kitchen. You can cook your grains in it to add some extra depth. You can use it as a soup base, or in sauces. Many and most times, you can use it in place of chicken or beef stock to a create a lighter dish, or a vegetarian/vegan friendly one. Today I am going to show you how to NEVER RUN OUT OF VEGETABLE BROTH AGAIN, and your brothers, sisters, cousins, children and children’s children will thank you for it.
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Pho; an exercise in


I am a relatively recent convert to the comfort food du jour, pho (pronounced fuh). Whether you’re hungover, ill with the flu, or just need a pick me-up, this Vietnamese beef stock and rice noodle soup is exactly what the doctor ordered. The perfect bowl of pho requires hours of simmering a stock with exotic spices and beef bones, as well as access to an array of imported condiments.  Continue reading “Pho; an exercise in”