Welcome to June

seasonal produce from June
June is most definitely the best month of the year. Seasonal produce abounds in the northern hemisphere, including fresh fruit, which has such a short window of availability in my neck of the woods. Even better, the shift from spring to summer highlights the best of both seasons: some warmth breaks through the crisp mornings and evenings; trees and foliage have turned a deep shade of green while gardens are bursting with color. We’re halfway through 2017, so why not celebrate with a delicious meal from recipes below?

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Bloomin’ June Cocktail

A rose and citrus vodka cocktail to ring in the best month of the year
June is a month of transition: the height of spring slowly creeps towards the heat of summer. Flowers are in full bloom as the sun shines brighter for longer days and shorter nights. There are some flavors and combinations of flavors that epitomize this shift in seasons perfectly. A few of my favorites are citrus and floral notes, which are both in abundance in this delicious vodka-based cocktail recipe: Bloomin’ June.

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Lemon-Herb Sardine Salad

Crunchy, savory, and bright lemon-herb sardine salad
Sometimes, a light dinner is in order. You need something crunchy, savory, but bright, that requires as little “cooking” as possible. This recipe for lemon-herb sardine salad fits the bill; an excellent combination of flavors, with capers, lemon zest, and dijon mustard gives this salad a very French flair.

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Labor Day Feast: A Real One This Time

In case you weren’t aware, it is Labor Day weekend, prime time for cook-outs and celebrating the last days of summertime fun (sorry if that’s a depressing thought). For a lot of kids, this means heading back to school; for a lot of adults, this means it’s time for some pumpkin beer. If you’re hosting a huge gathering this weekend or just spending some time in the company of friends or family, I have some suggestions for your Labor Day Feast!

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Dogfish Head’s Bier de Provance

bier de provance

The summer solstice has come and gone, but I know you’re still looking for a way to retain a sense of this sweet season’s bounty, Lillith. May I recommend Dogfish Head’s Limited Release Bière de Provence? While it’s flavor profile may seem complex, riddled with too many summer herbs and floral notes, the results are undeniably refreshing. Continue reading “Dogfish Head’s Bier de Provance”

Hey, Guess What? It’s June.


Happy June! My favorite month of the year. At the start of each month, I take out my little black book and carefully write down names; targets. I have thirty days in which to hunt them down and subject them to my will. I slash them with sharp knives, brutally pound them with blunt objects, and sometimes render them to shreds with my own hands. And I relish every minute of it.

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