Rooting for Rutabaga


Rutabaga is not the sexiest of vegetables. It hasn’t experienced a renaissance during these farm-to-table years, as kale, or yams, or spaghetti squash have. But because it was an effective source of dense, caloric starch in northern European diets for centuries before potatoes made their debut, I think it deserves a little love. So today, let’s learn about rutabaga.

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Treats For The Holidays Involving as Little Baking As Possible

christmas cookies

Homemade holiday treats sound like a great gift in theory. If you aren’t comfortable baking, however, you might find it intimidating to start during this time of year. Suffering from a mild form of hestiaphobia myself, I can sympathize, and that’s why I’m going to share some easy holiday treat recipes with you today. You’ll have overflowing cookie tins and lots of extras to sample yourself!

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