ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN: What’s the Best Easter Candy?

easter candy
SPOILER: It’s not Peeps.

It’s time for a bit of friendly, candy-based competition. Through very official and scientific polling methods, I curated this list of the most beloved Easter candy. Let me just note, before we begin with the winning entry, how odd it is that a majority of these items are shaped and generally fashioned after another food item that has a tenuous-at-best relation to Easter. And… we’re off!

Reese’s Eggs

The. Best. Easter. Candy. There’s no denying it, folks, Reese’s Eggs blow all other Easer-themed candy out of the water. In fact, they blow regular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups out of the water, too. Why? Because the ratio of slim, “chocolate” shell to piles of sweetened peanut butter is PERFECT. I dare you to eat only one.

Starburst Jellybeans

Normal jellybeans are fine and good, but what’s so special about some jellybeans branded with… oh my god, wait… these are delicious! Why don’t all jellybeans taste this juicy? They outshine regular Starbursts by far and even have a special purple jellybean that doesn’t correlate to their original flavors. Why are these only available around Easter?!

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Higher ranked than their full-sized counterparts, Cadbury mini-eggs are filled with hardened chocolate that might be actual chocolate. It’s the least fake-tasting chocolate-y substance in the candy on this list, at least! Word is that they have other flavors of Mini Eggs on the shelves, too, like dark chocolate and white chocolate.

Hershey’s Cookies N’ Creme Eggs

The dark horse. No one recommended these Easter candies from Hershey’s, but I saw them at the store and love cookies and cream anything, so into the basket they went.

They taste like sugary wax dotted with bits of oreo cookie embedded in an elongated egg-esque form. Yum.

Cadbury Eggs

Pictured at the top of this post, I’ll never understand why this candy exists. The gooey center is unappealing in both flavor and texture, while the chocolate shell is of mediocre quality at best. They’re too big to eat in one bite, awkward to break into bite-sized pieces, and honestly, too gross to finish once you start. Regret sets in immediately.

If you find yourself in possession of a large number of Cadbury Eggs for some reason, I implore you to make this and send me the pics.


I stood in line at the pharmacy in a fog of shame, holding a tiny package of three (3) styrofoam-marshmallow hybrids roughly shaped like birds. Horrible in taste, texture, and concept, Peeps are the worst Easter candy ever. The end.

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